HR & Payroll System Introduction

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We are a software house established in 2015, situated in Damansara Jaya, Malaysia. Specializing in software development, our mission is to provide companies with tailored solutions to enhance the productivity of their daily routines.


With over two decades of experience in software development and more than 15 years in overseeing company operations, including Supermarket and Factory Production Operations, our Founder possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges associated with managing payroll in any organization. This includes tasks such as tracking employee attendance, calculating working hours, and generating payslips.

In response to these challenges, he has crafted a scalable HR and Payroll management software that addresses operational needs. Our system is designed to alleviate the complexities involved in managing payroll, offering a solution from the operational level. By leveraging our HR & Payroll management system, all these tasks are seamlessly digitalized, integrated, and recorded, ultimately saving your valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.

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Our Mission

To offer a streamlined and proficient HR & Payroll system tailored for small and medium entrepreneurs, fostering a straightforward and stress-free environment.

Our Vision

Envisioning contented employers empowered by their chosen HR and Payroll System.

System Specification

Cloud-based system

Accessible from any location at any time with an internet connection, utilizing a web browser and equipped with mobile responsiveness.

No need for additional hardware investments.


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Modular System

Our system is developed in modular sections, where each module is dedicated to a specific feature, aiding in the efficient management of different aspects of your business.

This system is expandable and scalable through the activation of various modules.

Modules are customizable based on the specific business requirements of our clients.

Standard Modules

Standard Modules

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Time Management System - TMS 

Efficiently oversee all attendance records in a centralized platform and identify the employee's clock-in location.

Automatically assign shifts and calculate attendance considering various conditions such as overtime, night shift overtime, clock quantity for trip amounts, missed-clock checks, lateness, shortness, maximum overtime, minimum hours worked, and maximum hours worked.

Log attendance using a mobile device with GPS location, and optionally with a Face Recognition Machine that provides real-time clock logs (Face, ThumbPrint, RFID).

The use of machines helps prevent misuse issues compared to traditional punch card systems and ensures automatic calculations, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual calculations.

** The machine can integrate with Door Access systems.

** Suitable for multi-branch scenarios, facilitating supervision across multiple locations.

Human Resources Management System - HRMS

Efficiently handle all employee-related information, encompassing work details, personal information, family details, PCB settings, and customizable records tailored to the company's specific requirements. 


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Leave Management - LM

Utilize e-Leave to seamlessly handle paperless leave applications online.

Contracts & Payroll System - PS

Access unlimited contracts and payslips, with the option for employees to access payslips directly or receive them via email.

Payslips include Other Inputs, encompassing various inputs not calculated from time attendance, and can be expanded based on requirements. Examples include Worker Advance, Monthly fixed Allowance, or additional Commission calculations.


Recruitment Procedure - RP

Facilitates the streamlined management of resumes and interview procedures with enhanced control.

Appraisal System - AS

Simplify the annual employee evaluation process with an online question-and-answer format, applicable for decisions related to promotions, salary increases, and/or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) influencing bonus payments.

Other Modules

Different modules, including Administration modules, can be activated upon request or based on business requirements.

  • Payroll Summary Reports

  • Disciplinary Action taken

  • Expenses claim

  • Training management

  • Correspondence & Employment Letter

  • EA Form

  • Form E

  • Performance badge

  • Meeting Room management & Meeting Organize & meeting minutes

  • Travel management

  • KRA & KPI

  • Payslip Summary Reports

  • Custody

  • New Staff Onboarding and Resignation Procedure

  • Foreign worker Visa and working Permit

  • Visitor management

  • and more ...

System Features

Multiple support

  • Support for multiple companies and branches
  • Support for multiple languages with standard translation
  • Multiple access levels for users


  • Adaptable, formula-based salary rule settings to manage the intricacies of salary calculations.


  • A variety of reports can be generated in PDF format and exported to Excel files.
  • Customized report development is available upon request.

Ideal for ...

  • Multi-branch cafes, restaurants, and fresh markets
  • Factories
  • Accounting services companies
  • Companies with diverse payroll calculations, such as commission, night shift overtime, and more.

    Customizeable System

                                The system and modules can be tailored to meet specific business needs, allowing for expansion as the business grows.

                                The primary goal is to provide solutions that enhance productivity, enabling the company to sustain and continue its growth.

                                Our Services

                                Get Employee Information

                                Client Prepare Employees data in excel format

                                Import and Setup

                                We Help to Setup a Dedicated Database, import and setup all information.


                                We Provide Training

                                Get Start

                                You may start using after 2 weeks.